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Edmonton Mar 2016

Dear Friends, 

The month of March is always a turning point when we can see an end to a long winter with signs of Spring emerging around us. Longer days with the clocks moving forward, St. Patrick's Day and Easter celebrations, and for some a well needed Spring break.

It's also a time to open the windows and begin spring cleaning. This month, we share some easy tricks to improve your home air quality. It's also a time when many begin to consider buying or selling their home. We have compiled a list of some great resources and tools to help you with the process, along with our latest reports to give you a sense of the current local real estate market.

If you, your friends or family are looking to buy or sell real estate please keep me in mind. Your referral is the best compliment I can receive.

Mar 2016

Edmonton Statistics - Feb 2015

- Edmonton French Film Festival – Saturday, March 5 – Tuesday, March 22
Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show – Thursday, March 10 – Sunday, March 13
Adopt a Block Program Registration – Saturday, March 12
St.Patrick's Day Trail Run – Sunday, March 13
Edmonton Cat Show – Saturday, March 19 – Sunday, March 20
Hop to it! Easter Monday at the Edmonton Valley Zoo – Monday, March 28
The Sustainable Living Show – Wednesday, March 30

Buyers Tools

The Canadian real estate industry is highly organized and regulated by different government bodies. There are several real estate organizations tasked to serve consumers  and regulate realtor and broker licenses. The main objective is to ensure real estate professionals are serving consumers well.

A huge amount of resources are spent to create useful guides, tools, and content to educate the public about the process of buying and selling a home, but they are often overlooked. Here are some useful websites and resources available to anyone considering buying a home in Alberta.



 REALTOR.ca is Canada's most popular and trusted  real estate platform displaying residential and        commercial listings from REALTORS® across the    country. Buyers, sellers, and real estate investors  use REALTOR.ca to find, share, and compare  trustworthy listings, search professionals, and  research statistical demographic data in specific  neighbourhoods.

 Home Buyers’ Roadmap
 Mortgage Calculator


RECA or Real Estate Council Alberta is the independent governing authority that sets, regulates and enforces standards for real estate brokerage, mortgage brokerage, property management and real estate appraisal professionals in Alberta.

Buyer Brochure
Buying a House or Condo

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

CMHC has helped millions of Canadians meet their housing needs. CMHC provides mortgage loan insurance that enables you to buy a home sooner with a minimum down payment starting at 5%. CMHC provides valuable information to walk you through the process before, during and after your home purchase.

Home Buying Step by Step
The Buying Process
When you enlist the help of an expert REALTOR®, you're not just gaining support to buy or sell a house – you're gaining an ally who'll help you make the most out of your home. REALTORS® can guide you through every step of the process, explain the current market, help navigate complex paperwork and offer invaluable advice. When you're ready to make a move, get a REALTOR®.

Your Dream Home Checklist
Planning you Finances

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to serious health problems for you and your family. Your home air quality matches the cleanliness of your house. Keeping your home clean and tidy goes a long way to improving your indoor air quality. Aside from regular dusting, washing, and cleaning, here are some tips that will help improve the air in your home:

Keep Pollutants Out – It's easier to keep your home air clean by keeping the pollutants out. Remove outdoor shoes at the door, repair air leaks, put walk off mats at entrances, and avoid activities indoors that uses varnish, paint, glue, and other similar substances.
Invest in a Good Vacuum – Choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. This traps allergens, airborne pollutants, and smaller particles regular vacuums can miss. Buy one with rotating brushes and strong suction.

Regularly bathe and Groom Pets – Pets are adorable and improve quality of life. Sadly, keeping animals in the house has a downside to the quality of your indoor air. Minimize the smell and air pollutants by regularly bathing and grooming pets and cleaning pet paraphernalia.

Ventilate and Circulate – Ventilation and air circulation is crucial to keeping indoor air fresh. Open windows as much as you can. Use exhaust fans, attic fans, or run window AC with open vent control to remove air contaminants.

Change Filters Often – AC, vacuum, air purifiers and heater filters can easily get clogged with filtered pollutants and particles. The dirty build-up will compromise the performance or your AC or heater, and will eventually contaminate the air you're trying to clean.

Minimize Moisture – Damp areas encourage mould and mildew growth. Prevent the proliferation of dust mites, mould, mildew, and other harmful microbes in your home with proper ventilation and keeping humidity level below 50%. You might need a dehumidifier to achieve this.

Keep up with the Laundry – Don't stack dirty clothes for too long. Also, regularly change and launder beddings, towels, curtains, and upholstery.

Watch your Smoke – Smoke releases pollutants into the air. Candles, wood-burning fireplaces, cigars, and cigarettes all contribute to poor indoor air. Minimize the effect by using non-toxic candles, dried wood, and banning indoor smoking.

Bring in Plants – Plants are natural air purifiers and fresheners. The best plant choices to bring in for their air freshening qualities are English Ivy, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, the Spider plant, Dracaena, Ficus or Weeping Fig, and Aloe Vera.

Alternative Barn Door Designs

Barn Doors

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