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Edmonton October 2016

Dear Friends, 

Autumn is upon us which means winter is soon coming. Let’s enjoy these last few weeks of bountiful harvest time, crisp days and cool nights, and the beautiful color of the trees.

Not ready for Halloween? Get ideas on how to stylishly decorate your home for Halloween in our photo feature.

And as you prepare for the Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities, don’t forget to startwinter proofing your home. We have listed below a checklist of the things you can do for the various areas of your house to have a worry free winter.

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Moving to a new home needs a lot of careful planning to avoid pitfalls along the way. Whether it’s a local or a long distance move, use these helpful tips when hiring your moving company.


1. Get Quotes or Estimates
Make a detailed list of what items you have and the condition. If possible, get your movers to check your items before booking them to ensure you get the right estimate. Quotes are based on weights and moving companies tend to quote on lower weight to make the price attractive. Once your belongings are loaded and weighed, the movers can hold you hostage without paying the actual cost.

2. Learn the Hidden Charges
Most often moving companies will give you low quotes but there are always hidden charges you have to be aware of. These fees include – stairs, elevators, handling large items, packing labor and supplies, moving cancellation, extra stops, storage, long carry, etc.

3. Purchase Moving Insurance
Moving companies only cover items based weight (basic coverage) but too often the final amount of coverage does not really cover that value of your belongings. Getting the full value protection guarantees reinstatement and replacement for damaged and missing items.

4. Read and Research Reviews
Read all the reviews you can get your hands on about the company. Reliable reviews such as BBB, Google, Yelp, Movers, etc. can provide you a full picture of the company’s reputation and level of customer service. If possible, ask the moving company their recent client’s references or feedback.

5. Watch out for Scams
Aside from hidden fees, be careful of moving companies that do the booking but hires subcontracts to perform the actual work.


Fall is the perfect time to start winter proofing your home so you can enjoy the cold weather with zero worries. Whether you choose to have a professional handle them or do it yourself, here’s a checklist of things you need to go over your house before winter.

Attic Insulation –12-15 inches’ minimum of even insulation is needed to keep heat in the house and money in your pocket. Have your R-value checked by a professional if needed.

Furnace Cleaning – A dirty furnace is less efficient so have furnace inspected and cleaned once a year – before winter.  ATCO Gas offers a free furnace and appliances inspection for Edmonton. Call at 780-424-5222 (Edmonton and area).

Change Air Filter – For healthy, indoor air, change your air filter once a month in the winter months.  Your furnace has to work twice as hard with an air-borne allergen clogged filter.

Vacuum Heating Vents – Take off the covers and hoses to your dryer, bathroom and stove vents and suction out lint and debris.  This will increase efficiency and decrease fire hazards.

Replace Batteries in Detectors – October is Fire Awareness Month so use it as a reminder to replace batteries in smoke detectors, Carbon monoxide alarms and other safety instruments.

Drain Outside Faucets – Water pipes can freeze, swell and burst in the winter months, causing significant damage.  Turn the external shut valve off and open the faucet until the drip stops.

Drain Water Heater –  Drain this annually to help prevent any build up of scale inside the heater.

Inspect Roof Shingles – Shingles protects everything in the home so don’t overlook it. Also include the metal flashing at all the roof joints to look for signs of leaking, rotting or damage. 

Clean Gutters and Downspouts – Use a ladder, gloves and a garbage bag to remove debris from the past year. Run water from a hose through the downspouts to ensure they are unclogged.
Install Gutter Guards – Gutter guards are a good idea to minimize the amount of debris accumulated, but you’ll still need to check for clogs once a year in the fall.

Seal Foundation – Repair and seal holes with a quality caulking material. Cracks and holes in foundation are inevitable and can lead to significant damage if not treated. 

Check Sewer Service Pipe –  Sewer pipes carries wastewater from your home to main sewer line. Damaged sewers can cause serious flooding problems if not dealt with properly. The city provides a free basic inspection service to diagnose drainage problems.

Additional Resources:
• City of Edmonton Sewer Service Pipe Free Inspection


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